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Venezuela, the best kept secret of the Caribbean ...

Venezuela is located at the northern coast of South America, where the continent meets the Caribbean Sea. Its myriad landscapes, together with a huge animal and vegetal diversity, makes of this country a singular place.

A paradise on Earth. With its 900,000 sq km (twice Spain’s extension), Venezuela offers crystalline waters with mangroves and coral reefs, dry and desert-like zones, alluvial savannas of extraordinary beauty and particularly interesting for naturalists, mountains proudly represented by the Andes and ancient tablelands, called Tepuis, emerging from the dense green of the jungles. Its tropical climate offers a real dry season.

Its birdlife is a paradise with 1385 species (40% of South America’s avifauna who represents itself 40% of the Earth’s avifauna) including many endemics and spectaculars. All this diversity can be easily reached thanks to the good transportation system available. Venezuela is a melting pot. Its friendly population is the product of an ancestral crossbreeding characterized by racial toleration. All the places visited are totally safe without any problem of security.





Sergio Carli


Bruno Pambour

   Safari truck at Hato Piñero   Van  


Sergio CARLI, director of Venezuela Ecotravel
Sergio was born in Caracas but has Venezuelan and Italian nationalities. He has made his studies in Europe, then he was commercial pilot in civil aviation during six years in Venezuela and the Caribbean. Since 1990, he is established as official tour-operator in Caracas. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Bruno was born and raised in Normandy, France, and his interest in birds and conservation began at an early age. During seven years he was professional ornithologist in the Alps and in the Camargue. Since 1989, he is professional nature photographer. He has discovered Venezuela in 1991 and is leading birding tours since 1996. Bruno is staff leader for the French companies Destination Nature, Saïga (www.saiga-voyage-nature.fr) and Terra Incognita (www.terra-incognita.fr). He speaks English, Spanish and French.

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Angel, collaborator "Parque Nacional Morrocoy".


Gertrudis, collaborator guide "Llanos del Norte".


Victor, collaborator guide "Llanos del Sur".


Venezuela Ecotravel is an official tour-operator established in Caracas since 1990, meaning we have all the legal authorizations for travelling and organizing tours in the country.


c/o Sergio Carli

Transversal 11, final de la 3ra Avenida, Los Palos Grandes, CHACAO
Tel : 00 58 212 286 50 26 – Fax : 00 58 212 286 55 35


Insurance : any guest should subscribe a personal insurance in his country.

Prices : All the prices do not include : flights to and from Venezuela, personal drinks and expenses, tips for the local guides, departure tax from Caracas.
Tour-operators and travel agencies, please contact us.

Payment, refund and cancellation : All the payments should be done 30 days before departure tours (all details of the bank account are available via email). Cancellations between 30 and 15 days before departure are refunded 80% and 20% in the two previous weeks before departure.

Formalities : Passport valid 6 months after the end of the trip.

Health : No vaccinations certificates are necessary in order to enter Venezuela. Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended. Malaria prophylaxis is suggested as Malarone® mainly for EASTERN VENEZUELA Tour. Please check with your physician to determine which anti-malarial drug is best for you.

Weather : Venezuela's dry season lasts from October to April. In the Llanos and Amazonia , temperatures can reach 35 to 40°C. In the high Andes, they can go down to 6°C early morning, warming up during the day. Occasional rains could occur in Amazonia, in the Andes, in the North-Western and Eastern Venezuela.

Birding and photographic equipment : Binoculars are essential, preferably 8x30 or 10x40. A HIGH-QUALITY SCOPE OF 80 MM WITH HIGH-DEFINITION GLASS, ZOOM 20-60X, ADAPTOR FOR DIGISCOPY AND SOUND RECORDS OF MORE THAN 600 SPECIES OF BIRDS WILL BE AVAILABLE DURING ALL THE BIRDING TOURS. During the BIRDS OF VENEZUELA, NORTHERN LLANOS, AMAZONIA and NW VENEZUELA tours, wildlife photography is possible in good or excellent conditions. Actually, one of the best solutions for recording memories is to use a small digital scope or digiscoping (scope and digital camera).

Final information : A more complete information for each tour will be sent to each registrant on receipt of their booking. Final information with instructions for meeting the group, hotel addresses, etc., will be mailed about three weeks before trip departure. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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